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The End of Meat - Newsletter


When and where can I watch the film?

The film is available on DVD and can be ordered from our shop (see 'shop' in the top menu). In the U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland the film is available on demand on almost all major platforms. Check out our 'Watch' site for details. We are currently preparing a worldwide release. 

Can you put it on Netflix?

Only Netflix can put films on Netflix. We've asked them, they declined. But you can still request the film to be added to their catalogue. And if they get enough requests they will hopefully change their mind.

Does it include any scenes of cruelty or suffering?

The German rating is equivalent to a U.S. general audiences rating. There is less than 2 minutes of unpleasant undercover footage in the entire 95-minute film.

How long is the film? 

The film is 95 minutes.

Is it available in other languages?

Currently the film is available with German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese & Russian subtitles only on the DVD sold in our store.

Can you screen it at my local movie theater, cafe, community center, university?

We can't, but you can! The film is available for community screeenings supported by VegFund. That means VegFund will help you doing outreach if you want to organize a screening of the film. Here is more info.

How can I support the film? 

Wish to help promote the film? Please engage with The End Of Meat on social media. You can find TEOM on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. #endofmeat

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